Hey you!
Let me take you on a short journey- a sneak peak into how I reached here. I was a first-year law student- experiencing the freedom, exposure and general high of a college fresher. I loved the people, the environment and yes, even my classes. Until I was faced with deadlines. I was learning but not really enjoying the process. Organizing my work seemed like a task.

In my quest to make my studies and life more organized and fun, I came across bullet journaling. That was my tryst with the world of lettering. Bullet – journaling piqued my interest. It not only helped me be more organized in my work, but I also started enjoying the process. My new-found creativity gave me a passion outside law.

One day while I was in class my friend brought in a courier which had some fancy pens- that was my initiation into the formal calligraphic universe. My formal introduction to Tombow Pens  and Brush lettering.

There was a stage where I would not practice lettering for weeks at end. What was once a passionate activity had become a fleeting interest. I realized that I had to prioritize my life and lettering did not end up high on my list. But, as they say destiny has its own ways and so it did. A few months later due to a loss in my personal life, I was at my lowest point. I had started wondering about the bigger questions in life. At this low point a classmate of mine mentioned about gratitude and morning pages. Since, I was so low, any strike in the dark seemed like a ray of hope. So, I thought why not and waddled through the initial days- trying to come up with 2-3 things that I was grateful about. With days and consistency, making a long list of gratitude became my routine and I was back to improving my calligraphy skills.

The Gratitude did wonders for my person. I was happier, more grounded and best of all, my calligraphy improved with time and continuous efforts. After this long journey, I couldn’t give up and I saw so much scope of improvement that I knew I had to keep going. 

I really wanted to use the most refined supplies to elevate my skills. It was disheartening to see that the supplies I was looking for didn’t have a market in India. But, I figured out a way and made all the requisite arrangements to ensure that my sister who was stated to travel from US to India would receive a delivery of my Happy Planner essential supplies and bring it back to me. I had to wait for 5 months but, perseverance pays and so it did. It was a sweet little victory to get the rewards of my patience and dedication.

All good things come to an end and so did my supplies. But, you remember, your girl is a fighter, so she had got to keep hustling. And hustle, I did. Every 4-5 months I would try to catch hold of someone traveling form the States to India so that I could re-stock. The best one has to be planning, and successfully executing a delivery of my stock to a guest house in LA where my friend was staying for a wedding. I took the tough call of pursuing calligraphy part-time while completing my law school full-time. It was the best decision of my life and gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction till date.